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4JuiceGivers & FistTakers

18+ only A piss and cum lover 4 Masters to enjoy and a good arm for deep fosters to take. Kik: cowboysaddle

Who wants to train my pussy to take it like this?

Dom top shows his dominance by tying up his boyfriend and asserts his ownership with two loads planted in the bitch's guts (new vid). B4111M (7/7/20)


Oh yes please, my kind of Dom

Sometimes a man just needs to soothe his soul by soothing his penis

I should be there for him not having to waist that load


I've posted this before--at least a couple months ago.  But it's such an accurate depiction of the HAPPINESS engendered by Proper adherence to One's/one's role in the HIERARCHY that it's worth a re-blog.

Coffee brewing a diuretic, I will get to swallow master's full bladder in no time

As Often As Possible. Leaking Seed Out the Back & Precum Out the Front

Nothing better than be seeded by a real man

I want to be impregnated with his baby makers

As a faggot I want to be used. To offer my holes to MEN who love fucking and cumming in my pussy mouth or faggot cunt! Men think of me as a hole to use, a whore, queer, fag or thing. They need to pump me FULL OF THEIR MANLY SPERM. To BREED ME. I love having their sperm PUMPED IN ME! MEN need a HOLE TO FILL. I get on my knees and offer my holes to them.

Oh yeah, Alphas putting me to good use


Yes please

The thrill when your Alpha demands you make sure his shithole is properly clean

Time to clean up his Alpha shithole

Yes Daddy. I like you to fuck me much harder!

Oh yeah, don't let me touch myself. It is all about you getting the pleasure you deserve on your own terms

I want to lick all that cum from his face